Skateboard Bushings

Skateboard Bushings

These bushings are sized for regular skateboard, street or "TKP" (Traditional KingPin)  trucks with shorter kingpins.

They are generally around 10mm tall for the top "roadside" bushing, and 14mm for the bottom "boardside" bushing.

Recommended for Independent, Thunder, Venture, Destructo and similar trucks, which usually come with pretty crappy bushings - so spending a bit extra can make a big difference!

What are the best bushings for Independent or Thunder Trucks?

We've got two choices for you - Independent's own bushings, or the Bones Hardcores.

Go for the Independents if you just want your truck to skate the same as before. Skate bushings to wear out over time, so you'll be wanting to replace them for a bit more rebound from your trucks.

The Bones Hardcores are a bit more expensive - but they will transform your trucks!!! If you can afford the extra few quid - get them and don't look back.

What bushings for heavier or lighter riders?

Easy - go softer if you're lighter, and harder if you're heavier.

You can also go for a harder bushing if you like going super fast all the time, and softer if you like to turn.