Electric Skateboards

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Electric Skateboards

Putting together an Electric Skateboard can be a bit daunting.

There's a lot of choice on the market now, with many brands fighting with Chinese factories selling direct to grab your hard-earned cash.

We've been taking questions and requests for electric skateboard stuff for ages, and we've finally found a product line that we are happy with - the Unlimited E-Board conversion kits, and the Unlimited X Loaded range of E-Boards.

The Unlimited Kits come with wheels, motor(s), batteries, controller, charger, risers, mounting hardware and bearings, making it about as easy as possible to convert your existing board into a full-blown electric skateboard. 

The kits will work on most of the completes and decks we stock, but please give us a shout to check compatibility if you're not sure. Extreme rocker, microdrops and drop-downs can make fitment a bit tricky.

For off the shelf options, the Loaded X Unlimited range is a no brainer, everything you need to get rolling without worrying about wheelbite or anything like that.