BoardLogic Longboards

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BoardLogic Longboards

We are stoked to be showcasing UK longboard brand Boardlogic! Handbuilt in Gloucestershire (just up the M5 from us), these boards feature some serious engineering and are certainly a good place to look if you want to skate fast. The boards are light, stiff and basically bombproof, and Boardlogic is a strong supporter of the UKDH scene. If you're after a classic, understated downhill deck, look no further.

Fibreglass – Heavy weight triaxle fibreglass ensures exceptional torsional and lateral stiffness, while still utilising the lower elastic modulus of fibreglass over carbon fibre.

Edging epoxy – The edging epoxy is a very special blend that is UV stable and contains high percentages of polyurethane. It’s very expensive but worth it as it is incredibly impact resistant, and also has good abrasion characteristics.

Wood core – Boardlogic uses a sustainably forested and FCS certified fast growing European soft wood that is part of a replantation scheme: 1 tree down, 2 trees up. Vertical continuous laminates run uninterrupted the length of the board to ensure that road vibration and rider input are translated without additional twisting end to end. The glue lines that cause interruptions edge to edge provide crack mitigation. As a board is impacted a small sliver of wood cracks, reaches a glue line and then stops. It does not cross the glue boundary, meaning that almost all of the board can be microcracked before any compromise to the structural integrity. The other advantage of vertical laminates is superior vibration dampening to traditional layups. This is particularly noticeable during very high energy impacts. On a traditional board the hard wood transmits the shock all the way through the board likely resulting in delamination. Because the wood in BoardLogic boards is soft, it deforms and absorbs the energy very quickly. You end up with a small localised area of damage outside of which you have almost no damage whatsoever.

Internal epoxy – The epoxy used in the fibreglass layers is specifically designed for excellent lamination within wooden structures. UV stable, the resin was picked to eliminate delamination of the fibreglass layers. In most circumstances the wood will rip apart attached to the glass before the board delaminates at the interface layer.

“Graphic” – The graphic is a subtle texture based system done in mold. The permanent graphic can’t be scratched off as it is part of the outer glass surface layer.

Nose protector on Classicalli – The nose protector on the Classicalli is made out of doped UHWPE and is integral to the laminate.

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