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Mob 11'' wide Longboard Griptape - 1ft Length

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Bought a Machine 3D which is a slide machine love it..Much better than my old sector 9 mini shaka and better than mates mini daisy....go buy one..the guys in the shop are cool too...

Black regular grade griptape from MOB Grip.

Sticky one side grippy the other!

Mob are the leaders in skateboard grip technology. This grip has tiny perforations all over the tape allowing any trapped air to escape on application ensuring a bubble free grip job, lets face it nobody digs bubbly grip jobs! MOB use an exclusive silicon carbide grit binding process ensuring that your grip stays gripper for longer. It also features a high strength water proof backing making it harder to tear than an old copy of the yellow pages (ask yer parents kids) and dog piss resistant. This grip will keep your wood looking fresh and your feet firmly planted on it. At 11 inches wide this will be ideal for gripping longboards, wider pool shape popsicles and re issues. 

- Sold in lengths by the foot from 1ft - upwards. Simply increase the amount in your basket to match the footage you require.


- 11inch/280mm wide.

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