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Vandem Mega Sticker Pack

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Bought a Machine 3D which is a slide machine love it..Much better than my old sector 9 mini shaka and better than mates mini daisy....go buy one..the guys in the shop are cool too...

A huge bumper pack of Lush, Cult, Sabre and Vandem stickers!! A big saving compared to buying them individually, with 20 stickers for £8, it's a bargain!

Pack contains:

2x Vandem Logo Sticker Large
1x Cult Brain Sticker Large
1x Cult Flying Brain Sticker Medium
2x Cult Flying Brain Sticker Small
2x Cult TFR Sticker Small
1x Lush Circle Sticker Large
1x Lush Circle Sticker Medium
3x Lush Circle Sticker Small
1x Lush Longboards Sticker Large
2x Sabre Circle Sticker Small
2x Sabre Rectangle Sticker Small
1x Sabre Forged Precision Sticker Medium
1x Sabre Logo Foil Sticker Large

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