Sabre Trucks Street Truck (single truck)

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What a great place. Friendly, knowledgeable guys with a great range of boards, bushings, bearings and various bits and bobs beginning with B. Also loving the T-shirt designs. I'll be back real soon.

If you like to shred bowls, ollie stairs and then bomb your local hill, this is the truck for you. A slightly slacker geometry than most "regular" skateboard trucks, which equals more lean and more stability. Which means these trucks rule for going realy fast!!

Full height Sabre Bushings, a urethane Sabre Pivot Cup, Hardened 4130 Cro-Mo Solid steel axle and Grade 8 kingpin, Sabre's multi-hole drill pattern, and a chamfered baseplate to reduce stress cracks all add up to one dialled truck.

Price for one truck, if you want a pair then be sure to add "2" to your basket.

All trucks sold individually.

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