Sabre Trucks Forged Precision Truck (Single truck)

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This is such a good longboarding shop, so knowledgeable in helping you pick out a board. Customer service is incredible, I had a problem with my board and once I rung them up they were happy to replace it straight away. No hassle, thank you so much definitely recommend.

This is our go-to speed, downhill and freeride truck here at Vandem. Featuring a low, carvy 38 degree baseplate angle, a choice of rakes and widths, super-low and stable ride height, we've had these trucks on our speedboards on many skate trips over the last few years and they are still awesome.

Forged from 6061-T6 aluminium, these trucks are packed with features including:

  • 38 degree baseplate angle. This keeps the trucks stable at speed - a low angle means that you get more lean for a given amount of turn, so they feel surfy and carvy even at higher speeds where other trucks get a bit scary!
  • 170mm, 180mm and 190mm widths - with today's downhill wheels getting wider than ever, we're seeing more and more skaters running the narrower 170mm hanger for extra grip and clearance.
  • Drop-Up Baseplate - using the supplied 7mm and 3mm risers, you can really dial in your ride height to get the perfect balance of grip, slide and leverage.
  • UK Poured Pivot Cups and Bushings - the fit on the pivot cuips on these trucks is unbeliveably good. Slop is minimised and the trucks feel immense when kranking through sweepers.
  • CNC Pivots - the pivots on these trucks are CNC'd after forging to make sure they are perfectly round - believe us, you will love how smooth these trucks feel!
  • Choose your rake. As far as we know, Sabre are the only truck company to offer this on their trucks. Choose the 190mm rakeless width for a "racecar" feeling turn, that feels the same all the same through the lean. If you want a more "divey" turn, that's stable in a straight line but more reactive as you lean into the trucks, go for the 170mm or 180mm widths with 3mm of rake.
  • Forged from 6061-T6: Sabre rocked the longboard world in 2014 with the introduction of these trucks - they are the world's first longboard trucks to be made using forging, which allows a much stronger and lighter assembly than Cast or more expensive CNC trucks. The rest of the world is still catching up...
  • 8mm Axle Studs - rather than using a standard 5/16th's stock bar, Sabre lathe down their axle studs to get as close to 8mm as possible, increasing precision fit and reducing play in bearings.

There's a lot going on with these trucks. Sabre have put a lot of custom setup options in each truck and they take a bit of setting up - but once they're on your board, you won't look back!

All trucks sold individually.

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