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Sabre Trucks Cast Precision Truck (Single Truck)

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These guys are sick, I bought a board from them and got it within a working day but that is shadowed by the customer service they gave before and after purchase.

Sabre Trucks "Cast Precisions" represent awesome value. Sabre were the first longboard truck company to use Cold Forging to create their components, which allows a much lighter and stiffer truck than casting or CNC.

The Cast Precision features a Forged Hanger and a Cast baseplate, which keeps the features up and the price sweet. The Forged Hanger is a fully loaded piece of skate equipment, featuring a 6061-T6 Aluminium body, CNC pivot point and a low profile bushing seat for extra lean. It's finished with a pair of precision-finished 4130 8mm Axle Studs. Matched up with Sabre 48 degree baseplate and hollow kingpin, together with Sabre aftermarket bushings and pivot cups, this truck will transform any longboard.

Go for the 170mm if you are running wider wheels or you want more grip.

Strongly reocmmended as a first foray into the world of precision trucks!!

  • 8-hole adjustable 48 Degree baseplate
  • 170mm or 180mm Hanger Width
  • Axle Height: 64mm
  • Weight (180mm): 410g
  • Cold Forged 6061-T6 Hanger
  • Hollow Grade 8 Kingpin
  • CNC’d hanger pivot
  • 4130 CNC’d axle studs
  • 3mm Axle Rake on both widths
  • F-Type Barrel and Kingcone Bushings
  • Urethane Pivot Cup

All trucks sold individually.

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