RipTide Krank Barrel Longboard Bushings

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About this product

The "Krank" formula is the highest rebound formula we have in the Vandem Shop bushing selection, so if you want maximum bounce, this is the place to be.

Poured in a barrel shape, these bushings are a good balance of turn and lean. Use with a Cup Washer to generate maximum rebound and stability, and a Flat Washer to give a looser, divier feel with less return to center. With the Krank formula we'd recommend a cup washer - if you're trying to create a less lively feeling truck, they try Riptide's WFB formula barrel bushings or Sabre Bushings in a barrel shape instead.

You can choose your durometer based on weight and riding style - for more turn, go softer, and for less turn and more stability, go harder. Most trucks come stock with about 90A bushings, so use that as a starting point.

Sold in a pack of two with a sticker. This is enough bushings for one truck, so you need another pair for your board.

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Brilliant service - quick and easy and package delivered very quickly.