Paris Trucks V2 180mm Black - Raw (Single truck)

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Adam and Rich are amazing. By far the best customer service ever, I first contacted this store via their website chat, Rich spent ages measuring boards for me and gave me some great advice. In the end I decided to drive the 1hr 40 mins to the shop to try the boards for myself.
Adam was helpful, really listened to what I needed and sold me an amazing board, a Lush Samba X flex ( the one Rich recommended). This has excellent turning, super flex and is really stable to ride. I was so impressed, I even got a longboard riding lesson, free T Shirt and stickers, will definitely always buy from these guys now. Very knowledgeable, not pushy sales people at all, just great guys who love longboards and are happy to help. Good old fashioned excellent customer service.

Paris trucks are a great longboard truck for a great price. With a relatively open bushing seat and 50 degree baseplate angle, they are very repsonsive, and therefore well suited to carving, cruising and dancing longboard setups.

This is the V2 version, which features a beefed up hanger compared to V1. Featured a die-cast and heat treated aluminium construction, faced hangers, Grade 8 steel axles and kingpins, and a 6 hole baseplate for compatability with pretty much every deck going. They come stock with 90A Divine Formula bushings and are guarenteed for life - although you'll need to contact Paris in the USA directly to get a replacement set.

These will fit most bushings we have on stock in the shop, so let us know if you want us to tweak your trucks before we ship them and we can make it happen.

All trucks sold individually.

FAQ's for Paris Trucks V2 180mm Black - Raw (Single truck)

Q: What bushings make a good upgrade for the Paris Trucks?


Orangatang Nipples are a really good fit - they're pretty much designed for the Paris Trucks. Just choose some according to your weight and riding style and you're set!

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