Lush Longboards Machine 3D X-Tuff

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The latest incarnation of the UK's favourite freeride deck is here! Featuring an updated construction and graphic in the same team-developed shape, the Lush Longboards Machine 3D X-Tuff is perfect for sliding, freeride and downhill.

The X-Tuff construcion is a combination of diagonally-opposed bi-axial fibreglass, Canadain Hardrock Maple, all held together with a super-tough Epoxy Glue. The deck is stiffer, ligher and tougher than before, and it holds it's pop for longer.

In all - it's a pretty serious upgrade!

This simple directional shape and concave has been part of the Lush Longboards deck selection for a few years now, with constant refinement to keep it evolving.

The deck features a deep 3D rocker concave to help keep your feet locked in for those big standup slides, and a steep tail for epic pop.

The Elite Complete is built up with the lighter weight Sabre Hollowlite Trucks and the legendary Cult Emperor Freeride Wheels. This is about as radical as freeride completes get! Gripped with Vandem Coarse Griptape to keep your feet on board.

The Pro Complete is built up with Sabre Standard Trucks and Cult Converter Wheels. Slidey, controllable, and fun! Gripped with Vandem Coarse Griptape to keep your feet on board.

The Standard Complete comes set up with Sabre Street Trucks, Sabre ABEC7 Bearings and Cult Wheels Classic 66's, gripped with Vandem Regular GriptapeIt's an even lower ride than the Elite and Pro!

  • Length: 38.5” /97.7cm
  • Width: 10” 25 / 4cm
  • Wheelbase: 25.3” / 64cm - 24.54” / 62cm
  • Nose: 1.71” / 43.6mm - 2.08” / 53mm
  • Tail: 6.45” / 164mm - 6.82” / 173mm
  • Construction: 7ply "X-Tuff" Maple and Fibreglass
  • Profile: 3d Rocker with a kicktail
  • Max Weight: 16st/100kg/225lbs
  • Flex: Super Stiff

Custom completes also available - contact us for more info!

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