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Lush Longboards Chopper 3D

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Simply amazing customer service, competitive prices and extremely extensive longboard knowledge.

This is essentially a longer version of the Chopper, in Lush Longboard's new 3D Rocker mould. Freeride, bowls, downhill and everything in between, this setup is perfect for shredding all kinds of terrain!!

Lush's 3D concave feels just right underfoot - it's not quite as savage as other 3D concaves out there, but it's more than enough to keep your feet locked in at that perfect freeride stance. Wheel flares prevent wheelbite so you can keep your setup nice and low. A little bit longer than the regular Chopper, this is better suited to freeride skaters who like to go fast and sideways.

The Elite Complete is built to the same standard as our own personal setups with the finest components we could find. Sabre Hollowlite Longboard Trucks are lighter and stronger than pretty much any cast truck out there. Cult Wheels Chronicles in 78A are our most popular slide/freeride wheel right now, with good reason - they are awesome!! Vandem Super Coarse Griptape will keep your feet in place, and Sabre Hardware with Sabre ABEC 7 Bearings keep everything rolling fast.

The Pro Complete comes set up with: Cult Ism 83A Wheels, Gravity Cast Sabre 180mm Standard Trucks, Vandem Extra Coarse Griptape, Sabre ABEC 7 Bearings, and Sabre Hardware.

The Slide Complete is built to shred your local hill, hard wheels techslide style! It'll also go as a longer skatepark/bowls setup. Built up with harder Cult ISM TFR wheels  Sabre 180mm Street Trucks, Vandem Regular Griptape, Sabre ABEC 7 Bearings, and Sabre Hardware.

The Standard Complete comes set up with our "Standard" Longboard Setup Kit: Lush Acid Drop 63mm 78A Wheels, Lush 180mm RKP Trucks, Vandem Regular Griptape, ABEC 5 Bearings, and Sabre Hardware.

  • Length: 38.75″ / 98.4cm
  • Width: 9.85″ / 25cm
  • Wheelbase: 23.33″/ 59.26cm – 24.08″/61.17cm
  • Tail: 6.08″ / 15.4cm
  • Construction: 8ply Canadian Maple
  • Profile: Doublekick 3D w/ Rocker and wheel flares
  • Flex Stiff

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