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I emailed the shop and used the online chat to discuss which longboard to buy as a beginner. The service and advice given was exceptional and I really look forward to using the shop again the future!

The Loaded Icarus is the latest in a long line of carving longboards from one of the most respected brands in longboarding. Loaded - also know as "Loaded Carving Systems" - know how to make a nice carving setup, and they've thrown all their wizardy at this deck!

Using a cambered profile with moulded 3D wheel wells and mini-kicktails, Loaded have focused on creating a complex flex pattern with maximum energy return from every carve. With a combination of Triaxial Fibreglass, CNC five-part bamboo core, and cork bottomsheet all soaked in bio-resin, it's safe to say that this level of flex engineering is more common in snowboards than longboards.

To create a longboard that carves well, you need loose trucks and big wheels - which can lead to wheelbite. Loaded have gone to great lengths to stop this board getting wheelbite, even with larger wheels and looser trucks. They've done this by pressing 3D "Wheel Flares" into the deck, which also creates some nice 3D "pockets" for your feet, so stepping off the end of the standing platform is less of an issue.

The Icarus is built to carve, but it's symmetrical shape also has a pair of "mini kicktails" for the odd bit of dancing should the mood take you. While we wouldn't recommend it as a dedicated longboard dancer, it will certainly do it, and it'll carve and turn a lot better than something like a Bhangra.

The Icarus is available in two flex options, and two stock complete builds. As the primary purpose of this deck is to carve, we suggest that you choose your flex based on your weight.

The Premium Complete is about as awesome a longboard setup as you could really want... Paris V2 Trucks and fast-rolling Cult Emperors.

The Classic Complete gives you the full Loaded Carving Systems experience at a slightly more affordable price tag, with Paris V2 Trucks and Cult Converter 70mm Wheels.

Both completes are built with Sabre ABEC7 bearings and finished off with Loaded's custom griptape job.

Please get in touch if you're not sure which one is right for you and we'll talk you through the options. We can also do custom completes with whatever wheels and trucks you want - get in touch if you want something special! 

Check out the mini review of the Loaded Icarus on our blog!

FAQ's for Loaded Longboards Icarus

Q: How is the Loaded Icarus vs the Tan Tien?


Superficially these two boards are quite similar - both longboards are drop-through, both have mini kicks as the nose and tail, both are symmetrical and they're both quite flexy.

We'd recommend you go for the Icarus if you are more focussed on carving than tricks. The Icarus has a cunning flex pattern, engineered speciically for carving. It can do tricks - but it's extra length makes it a bit harder to throw around.

The Tan Tien is better for tricks, flips and spins - with it's shorter length, more defined kicks, and strengthened nose and tail, it'll be easier to chuck around and it'll take abuse of missed landings better.

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