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The Loaded Dervish Sama is a longer premium longboard dancing, carving and cruising setup, built from high-end materials with many features pioneered by Loaded.

Slightly wider than previous incarnations of the Loaded Dervish,the Sama features a symmetrical shape and subtle nose and tail kicks for dancing and flatland tricks. The wider shape gives a little more leverage over the trucks too, giving a more responsive ride and a little more turn than before.

The Sama is pretty long, with a wheelbase of 31.5", it's one of the longer wheelbases we have in the shop. Longer wheelbases like this give a more soulful, laid back ride - you'll get a really nice carving feeling from this board.

Pressed from a combination of Loaded's bio-resin, triaxial fibreglass and a vertically laminated bamboo core, the Dervish Sama features a mild camber and concave for a great board feel and lively flex.

Like all Loaded boards, the Dervish Sama is available in several different flex options. We recommend using the weight limit next to each option as a guide, however if you want to do a lot of dancing tricks then it might be worth going for a slightly heavier flex for extra strength.

We build these up into two complete options:

The Premium Complete is about as awesome a longboard setup as you could really want... superlight Sabre Hollowlite Trucks and fast-rolling Cult Emperors.

The Classic Complete gives you the full Loaded Carving Systems experience at a slightly more affordable price tag, with Sabre Standard Trucks and Cult Converter 70mm Wheels.

Both completes are built with Sabre ABEC7 bearings and finished off with Loaded's custom griptape job.

Please get in touch if you're not sure which one is right for you and we'll talk you through the options. We can also do custom completes with whatever wheels and trucks you want - get in touch if you want something special! 

Check out more info on this board at loadedboards.com

FAQ's for Loaded Longboards Dervish Sama

Q: Can I buy the Sama as a deck only?


Yes, you can buy all Loaded Longboards as Deck Only if you have your own wheels and trucks already.

Q: How does the Dervish compare vs the Icarus and Tan Tien? Which Loaded board should I get?


As first glance, the Tan Tien, Dervish Sama and Icarus are all pretty similar. All are premium carving/cruising/longboard dancing setups, and any of them will do all three jobs very well indeed. However, there are enough differences once you look closer.

Choose a Tan Tien if you are mainly focussed on tricks, or you want a smaller skate cruiser. The Tan Tien really is pretty small for longer distances, and it's shorter wheelbase means that it doesn't carve quite as well as the other two. The pros are better manouverability and stregnthened nose and tail, so it'll take more abuse.

The Icarus is primarily a caving setup. With it's 28.25" wheelbase, is in the middle of the Tan Tien and the Dervish Sama, and flex pattern is very much focussed on maximum energy return. If you're a surfer or a snowboarder who like carving, the Icarus is the one to go for.

The longest of these three Loaded boards is the Dervish Sama. The extra length makes tricks a little harder, but that super-long wheelbase makes for a very relaxed turning/carving feeling, so we'd recommend it for just cruising around above the other two.

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