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A descendant of the original Loaded Dancer, the Bhangra builds on Loaded's longboard heritage to create a refined longboard dancing/cruising/carving board.

Featuring Loaded's unique cork, bamboo and bio-resin, the Dancer is surprisingly light for its size. It features a relatively flat profile and concave compared to a lot of modern longboards, which makes it great for dancing and footwork tricks. Too much concave on a dancer and you won't be able to move your feet fast enough.

The Bhangra is directional, with very mellow kicktails - they're just about enough to pop the board up for shuvits, kickturns, ollies, flips and other dancing tricks. It's a refined shape and profile from the pioneers of longboard dancing - so you know it's going to work!

This deck is available in two flex options. We recommend that you choose based on your weight, as this deck is really aimed at dancing and cruising only, so you shouldn't need any extra stiffness to make sliding easier.

  • Length: 48.5" / 123 cm 
  • Width: 9.5" / 24 cm 
  • Wheelbase : 32.75" / 83.19 cm 

We build the Bhangra up as two complete options:

The Premium Complete comes with the world's favourite slide wheel - the Cult Chronicle - paired with superlight Sabre Hollowlite Trucks This is about as tasty as longboard dancing setups get!

The Classic Complete gives you a full Loaded complete at a slightly more affordable price tag, with Sabre Standard Trucks and Cult Classic 66mm wheels.

Both completes are built with Sabre ABEC7 bearings and finished off Loaded's own griptape pattern, optimized for dancing moves.

We can also do custom completes with whatever wheels and trucks you want - get in touch if you want something special!

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