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Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex Woodgrain Deck Only

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Nice and easy, learnt alot from the team and loved the stickers/note thrown in

The Lush Legend is a truly iconic longboard. Named for the first ever board made by Lush, it's redesigned and re-invented for the 21st century. A modern classic perfect for dancing, cruising, carving, flatland, freestyle, and all around fun.

The Legend has come a long way since it's inception. The deck is laid up using Lush X-Flex construction, a composite of six layers of Canadian maple, two layers of bi-axial fibreglass, and soaked through with waterproof epoxy to hold the whole thing together. The resulting deck is wonderfully light and strong with and extremely comfortable and satisfying flex.

The shape is basically a giant symmetrical freeride deck, narrowed to mellow out the concave and with a small nose and tail. Wheel wells minimise wheelbite and allow you to keep your setup nice and low. This deck is spot on for all the flips, spins, ollies and grabs that dancing requires - Peter Pans and Tiger Claws have never been so easy.

  • Length: 45.75" / 116.2cm
  • Width: 9.4" / 23.9cm
  • Wheelbase: 29.5" / 74.9cm
  • Nose: 5.62" / 14.3cm
  • Tail: 5.62" / 14.3cm
  • Construction: Composite X-Flex 6ply Canadian Maple with bi axial fibreglass
  • Profile: Rockered 0.7"/1.7cm with kicks
  • Max Weight: 16st/100kg/225lbs
  • Flex: Flexy

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