Hackbrett Longboards Wasser deck only

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Knowledgeable, helpful, genuine people that will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need. The longboard Adam put together for my wife is awesome, and he pulled out all the stops to get it done in time.

If you like your longboards on the longer side - this is what you need! Astounding performance for a board of its length. The Wasser offers unbelievably pure soulriding. With the Wasser, Hackbrett have created a whole new category of board, and it's the only one of its kind.

Now in its fifth revision, the Wasser is one of the oldest boards in the Hackbrett lineup and is designed for carving without compromise. You will be left speechless by the liveliness and maneuverability of the board, engineered by the camber, the light core with the creamy flex and the slightly wedged truck mounts. The Wasser loves tight corners despite its length, and also feels at home whilst freeriding. You can throw in little standup slides whilst cruising down the bike path, whip out a few cross steps, or carve with 60km/h. This board gives you full contact with the road, with life, and with the present. Hackenstein himself hardly rides any other board! With the original Wasser he raced World Cup tracks, riding with speeds comfortably into triple digits. Meanwhile, its civilised in everyday life, filled to the brim with flow.

"Probably the best board that we've ever built." - Hackbrett.

  • Length: 130cm
  • Width: 26cm
  • Wheelbase: 91.4cm
  • Axle Assembly: oldschool Topmount
  • Concave: Hybrid High
  • Axis: Camber, Nosekick, tail kick
  • Features: Wheel Wells, Pockets, gas pedals, axle pockets + 3 ° / -3 °, KL core
  • Weight Class: 50-110kg

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