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After getting back into skateboarding at the tender age of 52 I set up a pool/bowl board but came to realise that i was never going to be as good as I used to be. So thought I would try longboarding and after a chat with Adam he put me in the right direction and onto my first board. Lush Freebyrd with Elite Setup. Absolutely love this setup. I will definitely be using Vandem for all my future purchases and you can't fault the Lush boards. Guys were great in the shop and no sales pressure. Just good advice from people that enjoy boarding. Thanks guys for everything. well stoked.

A directional downhill board, the Hackbrett "Das Schnelle" takes care of your downhill needs without compromise. In addition to the original 3D standing platform, we added a classic outline with sexy wingers that the front wheel flares and drop fit perfectly around.

This is the new "M" version - slightly shorter and narrower than last year's. Hackbrett are constantly tweaking their shapes in response to rider feedback - last year the team wanted this board a little bit smaller in all dimensions, and this is what they got!

Das Schnelle includes state of the art shape design with every imaginable feature. Rocker, drop, wheel flares, pockets, W-concave, toewrapper concave, gas pedals, kicktail, wheelwells, flushcuts and three different construction options. On request we can change the flex and outline further to your criteria.

The first thing that you realise on this board, is how your feet are stuck to it. They automatically find the right position. For teamrider Jakob Raab, it was "like coming home" when he first stood on his Schnelle. Downhill, the board glides silently and precisely through light sweepers. It reacts instantly to pressure on the rail. It is primarily a piece of downhill sport equipment and a freeride machine ready for the highest of demands. Beginners should take it easy to get used to the responsiveness of this board.

  • Length: 91cm
  • Width: 24cm
  • Wheelbase: 59.5cm to 68cm
  • Axle Assembly: 63cm Newschool and Oldschool Topmount
  • Concave: 3D
  • Axis: Drop, rocker shape, tail kick
  • Features: Flushcuts, Wheel wells, gas pedal, Pockets
  • Weight category: 40-85kg

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