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Cult Wheels Rapture 74mm White

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No idea what I was doing - wanted to build a board and needed trucks and wheels. Ordered online and then got a phone call to check it was all correct. Very enthusiastic and helpful; a thoroughly positive experience!

We actually think that a boring standard product description just won't do these wheel justice. They are seriously grippy, outlast every other wheel we have skated, and insanely predictable to boot - a killer combination that you will not find in any other downhill wheel. 73A is the softest duro that Cult pour the Rapture in, due to the huge super-stiff core it skates more like a 77A wheel from other brands. Testimonials from Cult Riders range from “these wheels are cheating” to “why would you skate anything else?” Once you have skated them you will understand!!

  • Diamater: 74mm
  • Width: 66mm
  • Durometer: 73a
  • Contact Patch: 66mm
  • Core Position: Offset

 Check out our mini-review of the Cult Rapture here!

All wheels sold in packs of four.

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