Cult Wheels Rapture 74mm White

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73a Revelation

I've always been wary of social clubs, fraternities, churches, parties (not really what you'd call a 'joiner' I suppose), and yet now, at an advanced age I find I have been love-bombed, lured, recruited by a sinister organisation bent on perverted wheel science. A cult indeed! My undercarriage is now so very soft and sticky - it is revelation itself - I float carefree over broken London pavements with a beatific, idiotic grin on my face where before every mile was jagged knee pain and ankle suffering. I surrender, and am at peace in silky motion.

Abuga A.
United Kingdom

Grippy af

The grippiest wheels I have ever used, grippy to the point they are sometimes hard to slide (they will make you a better skater for it though). After breaking them in they have a relatively easy and smooth kickout/point between grip and slip. They have a really nice roll speed and a carry lot of momentum. Super resistant to wear, probably only shaved a mm since I got them. If you put them on your cruiser board they will give it such a comfortable ride (watch out for wheel bit though!) you'll feel like you're riding on a cloud. Interested in trying out how the other duros feel! Its a great wheel!


The best downhill wheels around!

I've tried Cannibals, I've tried Biggie Hawgs, I've tried Zig Zags, and many more. But these are the best downhill wheels I've tried so far. The grip is insane, you can take corners at speed so easily without even thinking about being too fast and having to slide! I've hit corners going around 50mph and I can take the mildly sharp corners really easily! Ad even if you do want to slide, you can kick one out and it feels buttery, and so predictable. I would recommend these wheels to anyone!


Grip grip and more GRIP

The raptures are an awesome downhill wheel with grip to give you the confidence to rail every corner no matter the speed. The great thing is that the 73a formula breaks out into a super buttery slide when you do need to drop the anchor and scrub off speed. The service for Vandem was awesome as ever!

Daniel Shinnie

These wheels are the god damn best

These wheels are the god damn best. I like going fast. They're the best at that. I like gripping corners. They're the best at that. I like sliding at really high speeds to hit apexes like a complete champion. They're the best at that. Buy these wheels and go faster.

Honest, helpful and friendly bunch of dudes

We actually think that a boring standard product description just won't do these wheel justice. They are seriously grippy, outlast every other wheel we have skated, and insanely predictable to boot - a killer combination that you will not find in any other downhill wheel. 73A is the softest duro that Cult pour the Rapture in, due to the huge super-stiff core it skates more like a 77A wheel from other brands. Testimonials from Cult Riders range from “these wheels are cheating” to “why would you skate anything else?” Once you have skated them you will understand!!

  • Diamater: 74mm
  • Width: 66mm
  • Durometer: 73a
  • Contact Patch: 66mm
  • Core Position: Offset

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All wheels sold in packs of four.

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