Cult Wheels Ist 63mm

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Michael f.
United Kingdom

Nice wheels

Nice wheels - especially for the price. Great service too (chucked in a few free stickers which is always nice)!


Sick wheels and excellent service

Got great advice and really good service, and a great deal on really good wheels. Would visit again and would recommend


Super awesome wheels

These wheels are amazing. Highly recommend if you're looking for a smooth longer ride. Thanks guys.


Great wheels

These wheels are high quality wheels with precise, straight hub with good rebound urethane and shape which will carry you over uneven surfaces smoothly and quietly. Predictable slide and reverts too which helps a lot. My favourite wheel I've ever used, I use it on a street deck. If you have a generic board with stock mushy slow low rebound urethane definitely upgrade to wheels like these and you will roll smoother, for a lot longer as the wheels will bound over uneven ground rather than absorbing the force, slowing you down. The precise hub also makes taking bearings in and out easy and fits spacers well for a quiet ride without inhibiting bearing mechanics.


Easy rollerz

Perfect wheel for a cruiser/travel/have a go at anything board . I cut down an old twin kick streetboard for my brother and put these on it. Smooth enough to roll over most terrain, small enough to avoid wheelbite , you can slide them too if youre keen. Thanks for friendly delivery you fellows!

I've been on my new board (Lush Chopper) every day since I got it From Vandem and I'm loving it. I come from straight cruising longboard (Vanguard Loaded) land but I wanted to get something to do bowls etc with my skate mates. I've not done much of that yet, but the agility of the board makes me feel pretty confident there - it feels more like a skateboard, turns and pops in a way I couldn't get either of my longboards to (other board is a Lush machine 80's). But I was surprised by how much fun it was downhill and on the London commute - it's not so good on rough terrain, but with the set up I got (Indy 169 + Orange orangutan fat free's) it sticks to the road and the improved turning circle really helps keep out of trouble.

Super fun! And Adam was very helpful and did a great job setting the board up for me - thanks!

An awesome little soft wheel, perfect for long twinkick setups, filming or sticking on your shortboard for getting around on. Check out the slightly harder version, the "Cult ISM" if you want something for skateparks!

  • Diameter: 63mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Durometer: 80a
  • Contact Patch: 29mm
  • Core Position: Offset

All wheels sold in packs of four.

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