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Lush Longboards Chopper 3D deck only

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Amazing shop with top guys running it. Really helpful advice and have all sorts of boards available!

The Lush Longboards Chopper 3D is the essential double kick hybrid quiver killer every skater should own. Good for speed, slaying hills and shredding the streets.

At first Lush made the Chopper. After a little while of skating that and really digging it they decided that they need to make a bigger one and drop it in their 3D mould. The resulting board is very capable in any given situation: be it up a mountain, shredding your local high street or surfing the bowl in your local skate park. The 3D concave locks your feet in, with all the control you need for busting out huge standies and predrifts. The nose and tail kicks add the ability to pop your ollie based tricks in the streets and get yer grind on in the bowl. A perfect all-round freeride shredding machine!

  • Length: 38.75" / 98.4cm
  • Width: 9.85" / 25cm
  • Wheelbase: 23.33"/59.2cm - 24.08"/61.17cm
  • Nose: 3.9"/9.9cm - 4.32"/10.9cm
  • Tail: 5.68"/14.4cm - 6.08"/15.4cm
  • Construction: 8 ply Canadian Maple
  • Profile: 3d double Kick with Rocker
  • Max Weight: 16st/100kg/225lbs
  • Flex: Stiff

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