Lush Longboards Chopper

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The Lush Longboards Chopper is perfect for ragging around the streets, smashing up your local park or laying down some lines on your nearest hill. A big twinkick setup, this is a true All Terrain Vehicle that is at home on hills, in parks, on the streets or just cruising around. Pressed individually from Canadian Hardrock maple with a solid concave and kicks, it's light, tough, strong and pops hard.

The complete Lush Chopper is available in two options:

Choose the Cruiser Complete if you want a bit more speed and a smoother ride, especially over all terrian. It's built with softer Cult Ist wheels.

Choose the Slide Complete if you want to hit some transition, bowls, street or do some tech sliding on your local hill. This version is built with super-hard Cult ISM TFR wheels.

Both versions are set up with 180mm Sabre Street Trucks, Vandem Regular Griptape, Sabre ABEC7 Bearings, and Sabre Hardware.

  • Length: 35.75″ / 90cm 
  • Width: 9.25″ / 23.5cm 
  • Wheelbase: 18.4″ / 46.7cm 
  • Tail: 6.5″ / 16.5cm 
  • Construction: 7ply Canadian Maple
  • Profile: Doublekick popsicle 
  • Flex: Pop!


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