Lush Longboards Burner X-Tuff Deck Only

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About this product

The Lush Longboards Burner is an all out topmount speedboard designed for you dedicated racers and fast freeriders. A directional shape made from the Lush's bombproof 4X construction. This the weapon of choice for Jorge Pernes so you know it can handle any situation you throw at it.


Topmount and directional supplying you with maximum grip and cornering agility.

  • 4X Construction.
  • Lush have been using this for quite a few years now and have found it to be more or less bombproof. It's a Bi-Axial Wet Laminate Glass layup, with the upper layer set at 45 degrees to the length of the deck. This is done to help reduce torsional flex, whilst keeping a little lengthways flex in the deck for shock absorbtion. This construction produces one of the stiffest decks available, making this board track better in corners, smoother in slides and giving more all round control when riding.
  • Subtly shaped rear hip making for get foot placement recognition right around the back truck where you need it.
  • The deep radial spooned concave combined with 0.75" of rocker blends together perfectly to provide that locked in feeling for security. Just what you need when blasting massive standies and 50mph predrifts.
  • A huge range of wheelbase option pre drilled allowing you to get your wheelbase to that optimum length.
  • CNC wheelwells allowing to keep the deck low and still run those bigger race wheels without fear of wheelbite.

This all adds up to a super-fast race deck that will not let you down, season after season!

  • Length: 36.5"/88.9cm
  • Width: 9.8"/24.9cm
  • Wheelbase: 29.1"/73.9cm - 23.35"/59.3cm
  • Nose: 1.25"/3.175cm - 4.175"/10.6cm
  • Tail: 1.12"/2.8cm - 4"/10.2cm
  • Construction: 8 Ply 4X
  • Profile: 0.75" /1.9cm Rocker
  • Max Weight: 20st/160kg
  • Flex: Race Stiff!

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Great communication, fast delivery, just awesome.