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BoardLogic Classicalli deck only

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Great selection of products and they are super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Perfect place to pick up anything you need for your skate/longboard, or just to soak up some advice in a good atmosphere. They will listen to what you need and guide you to a board that will suit you perfectly. Wholeheartedly recommended. Thanks dudes.

The Boardlogic "Classicalli" is a clean and classy downhill skateboard that knows what it likes - speed! Featuring simple lines, a mellow rocker and deep concave, combined with Boardlogic's bombproof contruction, this is a no frills downhill deck with some solid engineering and great foot feel. This deck features a built-in UHWPE nose protector to keep that pointy nose nice and errr, pointy.

Boardlogic skateboards are built in the UK, using a mixture of heavyweight fibreglass, a tailored epoxy mix, and a softwood core that's harvested from Euoprean FCS certified forests. The result is a very light, very stiff contruction that is highly resistant to impact damage - these decks are built to last!

Heavy Weight Triaxial Fibreglass ensures exceptional torsional and lateral stiffness, whilst utilising the natural dampening properties of fibreglass. Carbon decks can feel too "rigid" - so BoardLogic decks forgo its use to absord road vibration for a smoother, more controlled ride.

There are two Epoxy mixtures used - Edging Epoxy and Internal Epoxy. Edging Epoxy is designed to be highly impact and abrasion resistant, whilst the Internal Epoxy mix is optimsed to give maxiumum stregnth to the softwood core.

The Core is made from a softwood sourced from FCS certified European forests - in other words, for every tree felled, two more are planted. Continuous vertical laminates run the whole length of the board to keep things super stiff, and the whole thing is sandwhiched between two layers of fibreglass to keep things rock solid.

The Graphic is a subtle texture-based system created in the mold, it's permanent so it won't get scratched off no matter what happens.

Length: 37" / 940mm
Width: 10.3" / 261mm
Wheelbase: 26" / 660mm - 27.5" / 698mm
Concave: Deep Radial with sharp top rails
Profile: Mellow Rocker
Deck Weight: 1.6kg
Construction: Triaxial glass with softwood core
Flex: Super stiff

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