Atlantic Longboards Calypso Kicktail

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Man I am so happy, I just came home from work and the my new deck was waiting for me.  My happy meter is about to explode :-D Cant wait for the weekend to test this baby out. 
You and your company are the greatest in the whole world and I cant thank you enough.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Getting your first Longboard doesn't have to be expensive. Give this Atlantic kicktail cruiser a look. Simple graphics and branding allow Atlantic to make affordable great value entry level setups. 

If you want something a bit bigger than a regular popsicle that has a cool directional shape and still allows you to pop ollies with ease look no further. Cruise your way to school, work or the shops for a pint of milk with the Calypso. Lets face it small hard wheels suck for riding the streets when cruising. What you need are nice big soft wheels that iron out all those bumps and will not lock up under tiny stones. A longer wheel base will give you a bit more stability at speed so you can bomb that local run for the morning coffee. The Calypso is a great budget entry level setup that can be upgraded at any time with higher end components so you can make that run to the pub even faster!

  • Length: 37"
  • Width: 9.25"
  • Construction: 7 Ply Maple
  • Trucks: 6” silver TKP truck / 95a PU bushings
  • Wheels: 70mm x 51mm 78a
  • Bearings: ABEC 5

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