10mm Floating Bearing Spacer set

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Went their not really knowing what longboard I wanted but the guys in their were so nice and knowledgeable. They gave great advice and offered me the best setup which I ended up buying. Definitely would recommend to anyone

These floating spacers work just like their regular straight cousins, with a differece - the flange around the middle of the spacer acts to keep the spacer in the middle of the core, making it much easier to change your wheels quickly.

Spacers are a really easy thing to forget about - but they doa lot for keeping your bearings running true, especially for longboarding as we tend to put much greater side loads on our bearings than our reglar skate cousins.

10mm width, to fit most longboard wheels, apart from some super-old Kryptos which will need an 8mm. Lathed from aluminium for stiffness. Sold in packs of four.

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