Cruiser Skateboards


If you just found this page by googling "best longboard for beginners," this is the place to be! Cruiser boards are set up to do just that: cruise. Be it to work, the shops, college, or just roll around with city with your friends, there's a few options to choose from.

We've broken things down into the major types of cruiser to make things a bit easier for you to digest: drop through longboard cruisers, cruiser skateboards, and longboard pintails.


With a low ride height, cutaway deck shape, flexy deck, bigger wheels and turny trucks, drop-throughs make ideal cruiser boards.

What is a drop-through longboard?

  • Usually a medium sized longboard, with the trucks mounted through the deck rather than on it like a regular skateboard.
  • Low height allows for an easy push and footbrake, and stability as things start to get faster
  • Cutaway deck shape gives a longer, forgiving wheelbase, and allows bigger, faster wheels, and turny trucks, resulting in a setup that rolls over anything and turns well.
  • Flexy deck allows you to "pump" through turns, generating forward movment without pushing. A flexy deck gives a fun, comfortable ride too!


If you have skated before, you probably want something with a tail for ollies and kickturns. If you've got the skills to ride one, Cruisers and Minicruisers are manouverable in tight spaces and can even deal with a bit of ramp and steet skating if you want.

Kicktail allows ollies and kickturns. Kerbs, drains, rough sections of pavement stop being obstacles and transform into things to fly off and over!

What is a cruiser skateboard?

  • Very close or the same as regular skateboards in length, usually with a kicktail for ollies and kickturns
  • A shorter wheelbase and narrow, turny trucks allows a quicker turn for pedestrian slalom ;)
  • Smaller soft wheels sacrifice roll speed for less chance of wheelbite whilst keeping things light and simple
  • Small size and light weight makes them easy to carry and stash


Another great place to start is the traditional longboard "Pintail" shape. Inspired by big-wave surfboards of days gone by, the pintail is a classic and stylish method of transport wherever the road is smooth enough. We find that they need to be relatively long compared to a lot of other longboards, as the shape defines quite a narrow standing platform.

What is so good about a pintail longboard?

  • Longer wheelbase gives a mellow, relaxed and forgiving ride
  • Classic lines keep things looking surfy and radical
  • Big, soft wheels roll over cracks and lumps and keep momentum for less pushing
  • Topmount deck creates a "surfier" turn due to the higher center of gravity and more leverage over the trucks

Cruiser Board FAQ's

  • Can I convert my skateboard to a cruiser?

    Yes, just stick some small, soft wheels on there, and you're set! You might need some risers to stop wheelbite though. We'd recommend something under 65mm diameter, between 78A and 90A hardness. Check out our wheel guide for more info... or just have a look here.

  • Is a pintail or a drop-through best for cruising?

    Nothing beats the sexy curves of a pintail shape, so if you're set on looks alone, grab a pintail and don't look back! Drop-through longboards do have a few advantages though... that lower ride height makes for an easier push and footbrake, and gives a more stable ride too. Bigger wheels, which eqaute to a smoother ride, are usually more doable on a drop-through than a pintail. It's up to you!

  • Should I get a longboard or a cruiser board?

    We're going to be controversial here and recommend that you check out longboards over their smaller cruiser brethren, especially if you are a beginner. Yes, longboards are bigger and heavier to carry around - but if you actually want to skate, they have a lot more room to stand on and are therefore a lot easier to get the hang of! Minicruisers and cruiser boards can be suprisingly difficuly to ride at first, as they are generally very responsive. That being said, if you can already pop an ollie then you'll appreciate the kicktail on a cruiser board.