Mini Cruiser & Kids Skateboards

Mini Cruiser & Kids Skateboards

In the same way that eighties vert shapes make perfect cruiser boards for adults, the tiny seventies-inspired mini cruisers we stock are ideal for younger skaters looking to get rolling.

Usually based around a smaller, surf-inspired shape, minicruisers are about the same length as a "regular" skateboard with a nose cut off. Narrow decks a better for smaller feet, and a short wheelbase makes the board much more responsive - perfect for smaller, lighter skaters.

Set up with narrow trucks, loose bushings, and soft grippy wheels poured from modern urethanes, these little rippers are perfect for getting into all kinds of skateboarding.

We know from experience that there's no such thing as "one size fits all," and we're very aware that getting a younger skater on the right setup will make a huge difference to how much fun they have on their board. Get in touch if you want some advice - we'll help you pick the right setup!

Mini Cruisers this size do work for adults, but we find that most folk are better off on a slightly bigger retro/skate cruiser or a full-sized longboard. Check out our buyer's guide for more info!


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