Longboards: Death Skateboards

If you are new to longboarding and don't want the hassle of building your own setup, this is the place to start. Check out our longboard beginner's guide for more info!

What is a longboard anyway?

A longboard is really just a big skateboard. The main differences are bigger and softer wheels, a longer and wider deck and turnier trucks. There is a lot more variety in longboard shapes and sizes than you'll see on regular skateboards, and many other features to look out for like drop-through trucks and alternative constructions. Check the Buyer's Guide for more!

Are longboards easier to ride than skateboards?

Yes - way easier! Originally designed for cruising and getting around, longboards are also perfect for learning on with an eyen to progressing to other forms of skateboarding. A longboard gives you more room for your feet, an easier turn, much faster roll speed, and a much smoother ride than a regular skateboard.

Which longboard is best for beginners?

As a beginner there are three main categories of longboard to check out: Pintails, Drop Throughs and Cruiser Boards. The most functional of these are drop-throughs - low, stable and easy to push. Pintails combine classic surfy looks with a mellow, easy ride, and Cruiserboards are great for nipping around town and good if you already skate.

Which size longboard should I get?

Bigger longboards have more room for your feet, and are generally a lot more forgiving to skate. Smaller boards and cruisers are quicker to turn and more maneuverable, but probably less suited to beginners. We recommend something between 36" and 46" long for beginners. For more info check out our Choosing the right longboard size guide.

What is the best longboard brand?

There are a lot of longboard brands out there now, but we strongly believe it's worth avoiding cheaper boards like this or no-name longboards you find on Amazon. We only stock the good stuff from brands like Lush Longboards, Hackbrett, Arbor, Santa CruzD-Street Loaded and many other longboard brands to name a few!

We help skaters set up new completes every day, so if you want some advice on a custom longboard setup, you are in the right place!

Help... I don't know what to get!

Check out our longboard buyer's guide for some quick suggestions!

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