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Amazing! Awesome service from start to finish, and even photos of my board all put together before being shipped! Thanks Guys.... :-)

About this product

Tired of throwing away your shoes because you have blasted through the soles again footbraking? You need some footbraking soles! Look no further than TikiBrakes, tried and tested by some of the best Lugers and stand up longboard skaters in Europe. TikiBrakes offer awesome braking power with no loss of board feel and dramatically increase the life of your shoes.

We really rate these soles, they are produced by our streetluging friend Alex Frischof in Austria, and skated by a lot of our buddies in the UK and Europe. To say that they are tried and tested is definitely an understatement!.

TikiBrakes come in two thicknesses: 6mm & 8mm. Each sole is sold complete in a set comprising of :-

  • 1 x TikiBrake sole
  • 1 x tube of super glue 4g
  • 1 x sheet of sandpaper
  • 1 x TikiBrake sticker

We've done a "How-To" tutorial for these braking soles - check it out!

Check out Alex's site at streetluge-austia.at

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Jack P

Makes shoes better than new!

The sole was surprisingly easy to stick on and trim, as long as you have sharp scissors or a sharp knife. However, I must have been too liberal with the supplied glue because it only lasts a third of the way up the sole. Thankfully I had some Shoe Goo to finish it. When I first put my shoe on I could notice the increased height but felt no difference in flexibility or board feel. This continued on the hill: moving my feet on the board was easy when needed but I could still stay locked to the grip during cornering. Footbraking around 25mph felt super great and possibly even quicker than with the original shoe's sole. The sole also seems to wear slowly as I footbraked at that speed around 20 times over a weekend. I was also able to use the sole whilst mini ramp skating, which is a relief because I thought the added thickness would render these shoes useless for street skating. Nice job TikiBrakes!

Pete Connolly

Braking Power Of The Tiki Gods

I have been skating TikiBreaks all this year in the 6mm thickness. The rubber is very flexible and once attached to your shoe vanishes in terms of board feel, while providing that extra bit bit of lock on the griptape; I notice it on toesides, my back foot feels planted during the slide. It's not so grippy that you can't give your foot that little wiggle to get it just right before the slide though. As for the footbrake, I brake both stand up and Euro style brake. Tikibrake has a slightly softer, more powdery compound than some of the other soles on the market and as such is less prone to sticky chattering under heavy breaking. For me they have proven to be a very smooth progressive brake that doesn't snatch when you first put your foot down, but can lay down the stopping power when you lean on them. Due to this character I haven't had that moment when the sole overheats and goes melty, causing a sharp over-brake and Tiki hasn't melted my griptape as of yet. They are slightly less durable than some other soles due to this compound, but are still a durable product with lots of highspeed braking available from every sole. Overall I would say they trade ultimate stopping power for great feel and feedback and it's a balance I find most agreeable. On a side note the soles come with glue, I didn't get on with it and stuck to my original glue (impact adhesive) in the end, but other riders have been fine with the supplied glue. The sandpaper is useful and gives a good key though.

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Amazing! Awesome service from start to finish, and even photos of my board all put together before being shipped! Thanks Guys.... :-)