Choosing the right longboard size

Choosing the right longboard size

When it comes to longboards, getting the size right is essential to getting the best longboarding experience. Unlike scooters rollerskates or rollerblades, the size of a longboard should not be primarily determined by the rider’s size. For seasoned longboarding veterans, handling a board is second nature regardless of its size, but for newcomers the size may be a little more important. The main determining factor of a longboard’s size should be what you want to use the board for. Unlike skateboarding, most long-boarders will not spend much time performing jumping tricks and flips however they will need to decide between bombing down steep inclines or weaving in and out of obstacles as they surf down the road on the way to school, work or wherever they have to get to.


Deciding on a length is relatively easy once you know how you plan to ride your longboard. Shorter boards of 28 inches are best for younger riders as longer boards can be more difficult for them to control. Shorter boards such as a 28-inch board are better for tackling sharp angles and quick turns.

36 inch plus boards are best for bombing inclines whilst maintaining control however, those new to downhill longboarding may benefit more from staying above 40 inches.

For those who want to take hills and inclines a touch slower, tackling them at a decent speed so that they can still perform some slides, the optimal length is usually between 38 and 42 inches. This length range allows an ideal balance of manoeuvrability and stability for freeriding.

If you are looking to do some freestyle longboarding then the length is merely a matter of preference the more important specification to consider is your longboard deck design and colour scheme.


When it comes to width there is just a couple of things that you need to know, the wider the deck the more stable it will be but it will be less responsive. It is largely down to preference but downhill riders and free riders will typically opt for a wider board of 8.5 plus inches as you do not want to be battling wobbles travelling downhill at over 30 mph.

We recommend that you decide what kind of skating you want to get into, and check out the relevent section of our longboard buyer's guide: Cruising and carving" Dancing and Freestyle Freeride and Sliding Downhill and Race

Wheels and trucks

As a general rule of thumb decks of 9 inches or more require trucks with 180mm hanger width whilst narrower boards such as cruisers can have trucks with a hanger width as short as 150mm.

When it comes to longboard wheel size your stature and weight can affect which wheels feel right for your board. Generally, beginners are best suited to using wheels with a 54-59 mm diameter whilst more seasoned riders and downhill long-boarders are more likely to put 60mm plus wheels into use.

If you are looking for some longboard wheels and you're not sure what to go for, check out our extensive longboard wheel guide for some ideas! Explaining everything from diameter, width and contact patch to durometer, progressive grip and core position, it's a big read but it's well worth the time if you really want to make an informed decision.

Deciding on board size is a combination of preference, style of longboarding and your physical stature but by following these helpful tips finding the ideal size for you shouldn’t be too difficult. Get in touch with us if you want some more help!


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